Terry Abraham – Life of a Mountain on…

Been stalking Terry Abraham’s films where he has explored very specific areas of the outdoors in the UK: Here is a link to his website: https://terryabrahamlakedistrictvideo.wordpress.com He has made three films: And also another one he made:

Le temps, vite!

Intro from guide (rough translation): Time is neither seen nor heard. Nor does he touch himself and no one has ever tasted or smelled him. In short, time is held in a mysterious on this side (or beyond) of sensations and perceptions. It only passes without our being able to say, in the permanent present… Continue reading Le temps, vite!

Silent Hike – Pilgrimage

British Pilgrimage trust walk on south downs: https://britishpilgrimage.org/portfolio/chichester-cathedral-pilgrimage-in-a-day/ Set up in 2014 with the aim of bringing back spiritual journeys to Britain almost 500 years after Henry VIII banned them during the reformation From Guardian article: https://amp.theguardian.com/travel/2021/dec/22/silent-hike-holy-hike-a-thoughtful-country-walk-in-sussex-to-ease-the-soul chance for quiet contemplation  Asked to think of an intention or subject we wanted time to consider and pick… Continue reading Silent Hike – Pilgrimage

Sound Mirrors

A good way to focus on space around us Link https://theromneymarsh.net/soundmirrors https://www.amusingplanet.com/2016/07/the-sound-mirrors-of-great-britain.html

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Quick info from wiki article: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is a 1974 nonfiction narrative book by American author Annie Dillard. Told from a first-person point of view, the book details an unnamed narrator’s explorations near her home, and various contemplations on nature and life. The title refers to Tinker Creek, which is outside Roanoke in Virginia‘s Blue Ridge Mountains. Dillard began writing Pilgrim in the… Continue reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Aboriginal Song Lines/Memory Code

A quick intro: Guardian: Indigenous songlines: a beautiful way to think about the confluence of story and time Paul Daley 2016 https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jul/04/indigenous-songlines-a-beautiful-way-to-think-about-the-confluence-of-story-and-time Good quote at end: it’s a challenging but beautiful way to think about the confluence of story and time. Indigenous story starts in the distant past and lives today. Time in traditional Indigenous… Continue reading Aboriginal Song Lines/Memory Code