Geo spatial concept

Problem The way that we experience time and space is changing our relationship with each other and the physical space around us. This is is directly impacted by the digital tools that we use.  The problem is that people do not have a digital screen balance in their lives. This means that to communicate and… Continue reading Geo spatial concept

Happiness Research Institute

Lots of useful reports… “A scientific approach to improving quality of lifeThe Happiness Research Institute is an independent think tank exploring why some societies are happier than others. The mission is to inform decision-makers of the causes and effects of human happiness, make subjective well-being part of the public policy debate, and improve overall quality… Continue reading Happiness Research Institute

PET design

Designing for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust

Intervention Design Tool

Studio above and below

Digital Atmosphere example

“Their work combines computational design, speculative storytelling and digital art in order to draw together unseen connections between humans, machines and the environment – working towards better future interactions with our environment. Believing in research based art, Studio Above&Below works with scientists, technologists and communities to push the boundaries of digital media for future living.”

The Behaviour Change Wheel

A Guide To Designing Interventions Written by Susan Michie, Lou Atkins & Robert West COM-B (‘capability’, ‘opportunity’, ‘motivation’ and ‘behaviour’) model. This model recognises that behaviour is part of an interacting system involving all these components. Interventions need to change one or more of them in such a way as to put the system into a… Continue reading The Behaviour Change Wheel

UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

“As a leading world-renowned Centre, the CBC promotes the science and practice of behaviour change to address key challenges facing society through interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships.” Includes resources (taxonomies, change technique repository and tools for research/studies) plus publications

Rachael Champion Rachael Champion is an artist and her artworks explore the physical, material, and historical relationships between ecology, industry, and the built environment. Her works are typically large in scale and consist of living organisms and ubiquitous building materials. Coalescing at an intersection between biology, geology, and architecture, Champion’s work addresses the corporeality of… Continue reading Rachael Champion