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Le temps, vite!

Intro from guide (rough translation):

Time is neither seen nor heard. Nor does he touch himself and no one has ever tasted or smelled him. In short, time is held in a mysterious on this side (or beyond) of sensations and perceptions. It only passes without our being able to say, in the permanent present where we live, what actually passes: things, beings or else an indefinable purely temporal reality which, as elusive as it is mysterious, would come to affect them.

Of time, we thus only know signs. Some are natural phenomena that we have learned to interpret as such and which are therefore at the root of our ideas of time. Others are our work, technical, symbolic, artistic or scientific artefacts, sometimes all of these at the same time, which, since the highest antiquity, even prehistory, show not time itself, but its innumerable manifestations.

It is to such signs of the times that we wanted, on the occasion of the passage of the century and the millennium, to devote this exhibition intended to examine the changes in our relationship to time under the effect of the acceleration always faster of the various types of speeds, but which also returns to the fundamental data of any reflection on temporality – the sky and subjectivity, irreversibility – and also addresses certain anthropological themes linked to it, such as calendar rhythms, work or leisure.

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