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Long Player

Jem Finer

Commisioned by Artangel, Longplayer was developed by Jem Finer and managed by Candida Blaker with a think-tank comprising artist and musician Brian Eno, British Council Director of Music John Kieffer, landscape architect Georgina Livingston, Artangel co-director Michael Morris, digital sound artist Joel Ryan, architect and writer Paul Shepheard and writer and composer David Toop.

Longplayer was conceived as a 1000-year musical composition, which began playing on 1st of January 2000 and will play continuously and without repetition until 31st of December 2999.

Found in a disused lighthouse, Trinity Buoy Wharf in London Docklands.

Generated by a computer playing six loops taken from a pre-recorded 20-minute 20-second composition.

Primarily Tibetan singing bowls of various sizes.