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‘Made you look’ timeline

Segmeister Inc.

‘Made you look’ is a collection of the work of New York based graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. At the beginning of the book is a timeline, which extends over the course of eight page. The timeline is just that, a line that weaves its way back and forth across and up and down the page in a clean and pure fashion. At the top of the first page a small circle is annotated with the words ‘Big Bang’. Nothing further happens until the sixth page, where another annotated circle is flagged ‘Earth sees light of day’. The final two pages see a quickening of pace, towards the bottom of the pages ‘Green blug algae appear, Jellyfish evolve, plants appear, Amphibians come alive, Marine reptiles appear, Dinosaurs….’

A footnote reads as follows: ‘The little circle representing the entire history of graphic design is of course shown much too large here: in real life and scale it is about 1/100,000 of an inch, which is a very, very small circle. Now, my whole working life: Too bitsy to think about. That Aerosmith job that went on forever? Oh boy.’