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Rachael Champion

Rachael Champion is an artist and her artworks explore the physical, material, and historical relationships between ecology, industry, and the built environment. Her works are typically large in scale and consist of living organisms and ubiquitous building materials. Coalescing at an intersection between biology, geology, and architecture, Champion’s work addresses the corporeality of the materials we extract, transform, and consume and how these actions affect the physical characteristics of landscapes, ecosystems, and the built environment.

From CCA website:

Rachael Champion and Penny Atkins for this sound making workshop that will present material properties of sound and invite reflections of our experience and perception of sound. This workshop will include creating a collaborative soundtrack that will be recorded.

Temporary Retention Site for Atmospheric Particles addresses the issue of air pollution within our cities. Located adjacent to Berkeley Square where some of the oldest and most majestic examples of the London Plane tree can be found, this artwork looks to other species for inspiration and collaboration to improve the quality of the air we breathe. Fascinating in its physiology and form, the ubiquitous London Plane has a high tolerance for urban life due to this species’ ability to absorb pollutants from the air and exfoliate them through their bark. As the trees grow the inflexible bark forms into extraordinary biomorphic shapes creating intriguing abstract patterns in a variety of muted tones, colours, and textures.” – Rachael Champion