Geo Experiential outline

This project looks at journeys and storytelling through the landscape.

The geo-experiential project primarily explores the way we experience time and space and our relationship with the physical space around us through memory palaces and place attachment theory. The project aims to enable users to be able experience and see the space around them in a new light and use it as a memory recall device. Through this the aim is to change the relationship of a space and also the attachment to the place and in turn the wellbeing of the users.

This could be explored at many different levels. From documenting s space and moving more slowly through it using photography, a directed journey that could show; the history of a landscape, a journey to help understand the artist (be that metaphorical or physical) or as a place of solitude away and revision space.

The pieces could be experienced over a short or long period of time, but through the same physical location. The pieces could range from images or videos to virtual or physical installations or data visualisations; they are all designed to explore the relationship of the creators and the users/viewers whilst also encouraging both parties to pause and become aware of the space around them and thus their wellbeing.

Space can be used in many ways, sometimes it is to better understand the landscape and your role within it, other times the landscape can help you understand and process challenges that you might be experiencing. For this reason the stories might be about the telling of a story on a journey by the users of the space or the stories could be of the landscape that help the user further appreciate the space around them.

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Possible examples include:

  • Stories
    • Nature mapping
    • History – people, data, activists
    • Sustainability
    • Artists
  • Shared experiences and workshops
  • Wellbeing

Gamification examples include:

  • Points Collection
  • Leader boards
  • Community sharing
  • Badge earning

Ways to do this:

Memory Capture

The memory palace

Photo by Mark Wells

Using a specific walk and key objects to memorise

Treasure Art Hunt

Geo-Caching for Art

Using the already established geocaching platform, geocaches are located in key locations with artists trinkets, explaining the location and importance of it. 

The geocaching collections can either be a ‘traditional cache’, ‘multi-cache’ or ‘challenge cache’. 

Slow Photos


Photo by Leah Kelley

Running workshops to document and explore a small space.

Geographic Storytelling

AR Storytelling

Using augmented reality to transport virtual objects to a real space to change the experience of that space and enhance the existing experience.

Memory Process

Solitude and processing

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova

Using space around us to process and to contemplate, to let our brains process in solitude.

Cancel Culture

Sound space installation

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova

Sound cancellation, to focus on the specific sounds around us

Experiments (temp section hidden for now)

Experiments/films to go here

Further Resources

For further information on research sources and methodology please see the links below: