Sound Mirrors

A good way to focus on space around us Link

Intervention Design Tool

Rachael Champion Rachael Champion is an artist and her artworks explore the physical, material, and historical relationships between ecology, industry, and the built environment. Her works are typically large in scale and consist of living organisms and ubiquitous building materials. Coalescing at an intersection between biology, geology, and architecture, Champion’s work addresses the corporeality of… Continue reading Rachael Champion

How to Find Silence in a Noisy World

From New York Times April 2nd 2018 “Sanctuaries of Silence” takes you on a virtual journey into one of Earth’s last remaining bastions of true quiet — the Hoh Rain Forest, in Washington State. Shooting in beautifully immersive 360 video, directors Adam Loften and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee follow acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton as he explores the… Continue reading How to Find Silence in a Noisy World