Terry Abraham – Life of a Mountain on…

Been stalking Terry Abraham’s films where he has explored very specific areas of the outdoors in the UK: Here is a link to his website: https://terryabrahamlakedistrictvideo.wordpress.com He has made three films: And also another one he made:

PET design

Designing for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust https://uxdesign.cc/designing-for-persuasion-emotion-and-trust-cdac44c61d53

Intervention Design Tool

http://www.interventiondesigntool.com/ http://www.interventiondesigntool.com/download/The%20Intervention%20Design%20Tool%20-%20Guide.pdf

The Behaviour Change Wheel

A Guide To Designing Interventions Written by Susan Michie, Lou Atkins & Robert West COM-B (‘capability’, ‘opportunity’, ‘motivation’ and ‘behaviour’) model. This model recognises that behaviour is part of an interacting system involving all these components. Interventions need to change one or more of them in such a way as to put the system into a… Continue reading The Behaviour Change Wheel

UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

“As a leading world-renowned Centre, the CBC promotes the science and practice of behaviour change to address key challenges facing society through interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships.” https://www.ucl.ac.uk/behaviour-change/ Includes resources (taxonomies, change technique repository and tools for research/studies) plus publications